Purple Line


You don't need to buy matches one-by-one if you trust us. Save your money with our subscriptions. The prices there are way lower than in single-match products.

x4 Matches 2.5+ Odds
x1 Match 4.6+ Odd
x7 Matches 2.5+ Odds
x3 Matches 4.6+ Odds
x10-12 Matches 2.5+ Odds
x5 Matches 4.6+ Odds
x1 Match 9.0+ Odd
Purple Line


1. What is Post-Pay offer?

Post-pay offer means you can pay after the match. It is the match for trust. If you are not sure about us then you can try Post-pay offer. Post-pay offer is cheaper than our regular matches. You can order Post-pay offer by email only. After the match we will give you payment details.

2. What payment ways do you accept?

We accept crypto only Bitcoin payments! We don't accept Paypal, Skrill or Western Union.

3. What do 2.5+ 5.0+ 10.0+ odds mean?

2.5+ means the odd is higher than 2.5, for example 2.8. If you see the odd 10.0+ that means you will get the odd more than 10.0 for example 11.0 or 14.0 etc.

4. What does "odd type" mean?

You can bet on different match options, which do have different odds: Odd type "full time" means you will get the result of the match (1 or 2 team wins or draw) with no correct score Odd type "correct score" mean you will get the correct score of the match (1 team wins 2:1) Odd type "ft/ht" means you will get the results of the first and the second halftimes.

5. Where can I bet?

Almost all online sportbooks provide our matches. Also you can bet in offline bookies.

6. Where can I get Bitcoin?

It depends on your country. Please google how to buy crypto yourself.

7. What is your accuracy?

Our accuracy is 100%, because matches are fixed. It means they always win..


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